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The Woke Anti-Woke Movie Recommendation

There Are Many Jump Scares on the Path to Baton Rouge

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Review: "I'll Find You"

New Orleans Film Festival, 2022: Podcasting with Brandon Ledet

New Orleans Film Festival, 2022: A Q&A with Jason Foster

New Orleans Film Festival, 2022: "Causeway"

Post 37 Concerns, Exposed

A Director is Conjured Back to Life in "How to Explain Your Mental Illness to Stanley Kubrick"

No Cinema for the Covington Star

Cinema Sanctuary: On Pasolini and "Teorema" with Professor Michael Syrimis

What is Moviegoing with Bill?

The Experience of Watching "Love in Kilnerry"

"Eradication” Creeps Its Way Under Our Face Masks

There Are Questions in Search of Answers in "Sunspot”

"Blonde” Shows Atomic Brutality, as It Forces a Fire Walk From Marilyn

It’s a Beautiful Life at "Belle Vie,” Even When Way Past the Welcome

With the Third "Clerks," Kevin Smith Draws From the Well Once More - Fresh Water or Fresh... Something Else?

Documentary "Forced Change” Stalls and Stammers, but is Never Without Purpose

Courtney Barnett Plays Herself and Director (kinda) in "Anonymous Club"

"Three Minutes: A Lengthening" and "Sharp Stick" Show at Zeitgeist

Playing Soon, at an Inbox Near You

"Potato Dreams of America" Couldn't Be Lovelier

Trailer Commentary: Rob Zombie's "The Munsters"

Joe Badon’s "The Blood of the Dinosaurs” Teases Something Great, With Something Great

“City of a Million Dreams” Plays as a Historian’s Seminar and as a Lover’s Romance

A Mini Fundraiser

Thank You, Moviegoers! :)

There's a New Cut of "People," and...

"Top Gun: Maverick" Soars to Large-Format Heights, and Never Falls

Zeitgeist Theatre & Lounge to Fundraise for Outdoor Screening Space in New Arts Market

What's Happened and Happening in Hollywood South, Report 1

Loyola Seniors Screen Their Films at Prytania - Canal Place Showcase

"Facing Nolan" Does a Legend Pretty Average

Get Grunting or Get Gone with "The Northman"

It's May Day for "The Wobblies"

Updates, Questions, & Links, 1

There’s No Such Thing as a Too Difficult Question for a Critic: A(nother) Manifestivus

The Broad Theater Presents "Phony"

My Unofficial Entergy Movie Watchlist

"Little Satchmo"

I Sea the Laughs That They Imagined

The Panic Is on in "Kimi"

On Douglas Trumbull's "Brainstorm"

Storytelling Never Improves Across All "Three Eras"

“American Insurrection” Isn’t the Movie You Think It Is

Film Maudit 2.0 (2022) with "The Timekeepers of Eternity"

Film Maudit 2.0 (2022) with "Tower Rats"

Film Maudit 2.0 (2022) with "Straight to VHS"

"Beyond Paranormal," Behind Humility

"Broken Down” Is the Best New Orleans Film to Screen This Year (So Far)

Empathy Is Urged and Changes in Habits Are Urgent in “Look Away, Look Away”