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Metro New Orleans film critic Bill Arceneaux here.

Welcome to my many-times-over name-changed blog and newsletter, Moviegoing with Bill.

by Zach McGovern, based on a photo by Leslie Almeida

For more than a decade, I’ve watched as critics in the New Orleans area and elsewhere go from staff positions at top outlets to occasional freelancing, with some papers going from using local writers to syndicated ones. This represents a significant decrease in critical writing on art, regionally and beyond.

It is a goal of this Substack publication to fill in some of the potholes on the Hollywood South film culture beat - primarily through reviews, essays, and theatrical showtime recommendations. I will also cover independent movies, made elsewhere, that ought to screen here, and any other news items that feel relevant. This is a privilege and a fun long-term challenge. It’s also a work that’s always in progress, so feel free to offer up any advice or criticism at any time (send any/all mail here).

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Some of my favorite films (in no order):

  • Apocalypse Now

  • Sherlock Jr.

  • Roman Holiday

  • Inland Empire

Movies that I recommend everyone see by the time their deathbed is ready (in no order):

  • Vertigo

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

  • Safety Last!

  • The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki

Let’s moviego together!

Sincerely Yours in Moviegoing,