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In his book Critical Approaches to Writing About Film, author John E. Moscowitz writes "In looking at a motion picture critically, we not only make more sense of the film but, perhaps, more sense of ourselves, the relationships that we have with others, and the multifaceted world at large." Speaking (or writing) personally, I've only, really, ever been able to make sense of my world through the movies. And I can only assume that the medium applies similarly to other people too.

Off and on since grade school, I've written about film, and it was in 2011 that I began to do so on a more consistent and slightly professional basis. Blogs upon blogs, outlets upon outlets, have led me to Substack, where articles can be shared to inboxes instantly. Emails dominate the bulk of my online connections and engagement with real people, so why not lean into it?

Moviegoing with Bill is a home for my independent film beat, from movie reviews to the regional film culture of Hollywood South, Louisiana - not just because it's where I live, but because of the work that's been done and is still being done. The movies, the theaters, and the people all interest me. Expect to read about films that I think ought to play in the area, films that are coming to the area, and various other topics that impact - in some way - the local community.

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Bill Arceneaux

Independent film critic from Metro New Orleans. Member of SEFCA. Rotten Tomatoes approved.