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Trailer Commentary: Rob Zombie's "The Munsters"

Will my face contort?

(Author’s note: Do you like trailer reaction/commentary videos? Would you like me to do more? Leave your thoughts in the comments!)

Dear Moviegoers,

Watch the attached video, as I act and react to the new trailer for Rob Zombie’s peculiar-looking take on what too was peculiar way back when, The Munsters.

Also: You may notice the Zoom background in the video - it’s the logo for the Louisiana Film Channel. And I’m running its on-demand platform.

Previously, I worked with this krewe as an acquisitions representative. Now, I’m Content Director. The role has a few other hats to wear, but basically, I contact filmmakers and curate the flicks for this subscription-based service. We’re playing Hollywood South-made or related films, with a preference for independent movies.

Movies like…

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Sincerely Yours in Moviegoing,

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Moviegoing with Bill
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