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Bill and Brandon Talk 'The Holdovers' and SEFCA's Top Ten

2. Monika Leska and Making Movie Events Accessible for All

SEFCA's Best Films of 2023

'Big Easy Queens' Ain't Riding on a Streetcar Named Desire

Peter Sarsgaard Leads a 'Coup!' on a Wealthy Man's Life

Long Live the Analog

1. Bill and Brandon Talk About the 2023 New Orleans Film Festival

'Zabriskie Point' Is Everywhere at Once

Odd and Bodacious Are the Words That Best Describe ‘Napoleon'

From Zapruder to 'WUSA'

The Best Hollywood South-Independent Film of the Year is 'Open'

Movie Review: 'Sloane: A Jazz Singer'

Movie Review: 'Shortcomings'

Movie Review: 'Cosmic Disco Detective Rene'

Review: They Shoot at Salesmen, Don't They?

The Offscreen Scene

Art Over Everything

Fantasia Fest 2023: On the Docket

Safety Impossible!

Gone Sledding

It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine

Tribeca 2023: A Welcome Shield

The Exhausted Ones

Tribeca 2023: Bringing Out the (almost) Dead

Sailing Away

The Reel Iron Man

Dirty Cops, No Donuts

Smart Phones by Smart People and Smarter Alecks

Family (and cinema) Matters Most in "Only in Theaters”

A Holy Grail of "Morgus Presents" Has Been Found!

It's a Wonderful Business: An Indie Brief

Horror Arrives: My (late) Overlook Film Festival 2023 Review Report, 1

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Yes Shirt, Yes Shoes, No Seat

Does "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" Make a Statement on Making Statements? Yes.

In "Quantum Cowboys," Yuma is the Nexus of the Multiverse

This Is a "Mind Leech" That Doesn't Suck

Some Reflections of Guitarist Randy Rhoads Make This Documentary an Alright Riff

From Dinosaurs to Destiny, Joe Badon Builds "The Wheel of Heaven: Chapter One"

Film Fests Are on the March!

"Creed III" Swings Big and Lands Hard

Through a Camera Uniquely, or How "Three Worlds” Dreams From Far Down a Rabbit Hole

Why You Should Watch "The Confined"

"Day9" Gives a Lesson in Dealing with the Boss

A Fine Chat with Leonard Aldous Gaxley about Remastering "Magnolia"

By Any Means, "Rome: Death to America" Seeks to Build Mind Before Militia

And So, We Arrive at “Detective Knight: Independence”

Scout Tafoya's "Xenolith Atlas" Deals with Depression and Content, Quarantine Be Damned

The Fun Soaked Slime of "Kids vs. Aliens"

“Detective Knight: Rogue” Is an Introduction to What Could Be a Flat and Confusing Trilogy

Dissect and Build Upon: A Q&A with Director J.M. Stelly