Sitemap - 2021 - Moviegoing with Bill

The Other-Worldly Instrument That Is "Arrebato"

Some Kind Of Wonderful, "Licorice Pizza" Is

Thriving Small, Living Large

"Don't Look Up" Depicts Our Unfortunate Now and Accurate Undoing

The Fool Faces Tomorrow

Somehow, Someway, 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Was Mostly Ok - Then There's the Indie 'The Party'

Dennis Hopper Didn't Go Punk with "Out Of The Blue" - Punk Went Hopper

This "Implanted" Flick Is a Flash Drive Not For Saving

"Belfast" Mon Amour, or One of the Sweetest Films of the Year

"New York Ninja" Flips the Script

Lots of Talk and Sex During "The Last Days of Capitalism"

The Impact That "This Is Not a War Story" Hopes to Make is Great

There's No Such Thing as Too Many Funded Critics

American Black Film Festival 2021 with "Big Chief, Black Hawk"

Going Into the Nightstream, 2021 Review Pack

The Funny Slog of "The Secret Society for Slow Romance"

This "Demigod" Never Lets Up

"18 1/2" Is Farce at Its Best, and Then Some

Little Static Found in "V/H/S/94"

"Another Girl" is Not Very Sporadicus

The Nutriaman Reloaded

Is "Prisoners of the Ghostland" Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Filmmaker Rachel Boynton Chats About the Power of Cinema and Storytelling When It Comes to Lost Causes

Fantasia 2021 with "Mad God"

Fantasia 2021 with "You Can't Kill Meme"

Fantasia 2021 with "The Booth" and "Sexy Furby"

Movies on Movies with "The Film of Her"

Over Twenty Years Later, "Woodstock 99" Formally Explains THAT Weekend Event

Fashionably Woke Young Women Want to Make a Movie in "For Your Consideration"

When You Gotta Go...

Now Playing/Streaming | Our Addiction(s) for the "Nasties"

Movies are Lies, and Time Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder (this is not a book title)

Riding and Driving in a (Time) Loop on the "Drunk Bus"

"Royalty Free" Demands Creative Access for All

"RK/RKAY" is Lovely and Kind, and That's That

Chris Rock is One Good Part of "Spiral"

The Broad Returns! | The Monday Reels - 5/3/21

Float On: "Paint" and "Touch"

Best, Brightest, Or What?: "Beast Beast" and "The Glint of Darkness: Revolution"

From Pan to Pan: "In the Earth"

Poet A Scribe Called Quess Talks About Struggles Under Oppression In His New Film

Author Ben Beard Answers Questions on Southern Fried Cinema

It's On: How I See the New Orleans of "Panic in the Streets"

A Bloody Trip: 'The Dinner Party'

And Now, the 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Feature Presentation

A Series of Fortunate Boner-isms: 'Donny's Bar Mitzvah' and 'Bad Trip'

A "Good" Screenplay? That's Subjective, Sir: 'The Mimic'

Do You Even Punch Through Walls, Bro?: #TheSnyderCut of 'Justice League'

Filmmakers Salome Chasnoff and Susan Nussbaum on 'Code of the Freaks' and the Importance of Watching Movies with a "Piercing Gaze"

Fun 2 Fleeting: 'Coming 2 America'

Up, Up, But Still Close By

With the Current: 'Somewhere with No Bridges'

A Look at 'Crestone' and Some Other Oddities

Sundance at Home with 'A Glitch in the Matrix'

Sundance at Home with 'We’re All Going to the World’s Fair'

Hank Azaria Between the Toes: The 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Pre-Show, Part 1

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