Updates, Questions, & Links, 1

Dear Moviegoers,

I’m currently working on a review of The Northman, and have been engaged in some conversation about some recurring/ok paying freelance writing outside of the publication. Busy times indeed.

Does anyone have experience in making custom newspaper movie showtime pages? I’m wanting to create them once a week, to showcase my picks for local screenings. Advice?

There’s an idea kicking around in my head about past dollar/discount cinemas in Southeast Louisiana. Any in particular that I should research?

And if there are any obscure, classic, or backyard amateur films from Hollywood South’s past that I should watch and write about…

Leave responses and comments in the below thread, please. It’s opened up for all, so have at it!

Also: I’ve been reading Seeing in the Dark: A Compendium of Cinemagoing lately. Here are two highlighted pages:

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Lastly, here are some links that I recommend to all:

Almereyda on Wim Wender's Road Trilogy

Suddenly, it's cool to like Michael Bay

An interview with Lloyd Kaufman

Sincerely Yours in Moviegoing,