a watchlist for joe

Dear Mr. President-Elect Joe Biden,

The following list of films are humbly submitted, with your approval, as recommended viewing in the White House movie theater - when you have the time. They represent values and issues that I feel are important, and are suggested here as hopeful inspiration to roll up your sleeves and head into the thick of it all.

As a critic, I believe in the importance of art - specifically cinema - and in how we can all interpret through it the world as is, as was, and as it can be. The below watchlist is intended for your first year in office, as you plan out your policies, proposals, and orders. As active voters, it’s incredibly necessary for us to hold all officials - especially those we voted for - accountable to a high standard.

This is my personal way of doing so, if a bit silly.

In an hour from the time of my writing, you’ll officially be sworn in. I can’t wait for us all to get to work!

- Sincerely, Bill Arceneaux

My Biden/Harris First Year Watchlist

Readers: What movies would you pick? Leave a comment!