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A film that's more of a bunt than a strikeout.
I've really got to start working out.
Oh, to be a union man.
Updates, Questions, & Links, 1Dear Moviegoers, I’m currently working on a review of The Northman, and have been engaged in some conversation about some recurring/ok paying fr…
"Stay Awake" is Dramatic, Real, and WonderfulListen now (6 min) | A family issue puts strain on two brothers, whose perfomances steal the show.
Hey, Gambit: Please Consider Screening the Following FilmsListen now (4 min) | Suggestions for a monthly series.
There’s No Such Thing as a Too Difficult Question for a Critic: A(nother) ManifestivusListen now (6 min) | When you gotta go...
A movie so meta, it intersects on itself. I think. I think?
A little snark, a little heart, a lot of fun.
Louis Armstrong's only child tells her tale.